Impressive amount of Ruukki panels for S Group logistics centre

Oct 28, 2015

Since summer of 2013, S Group has been building a logistics centre for groceries and other household supplies at Bastukärr in Sipoo, just outside Helsinki.

When the final section is completed in 2018, the logistics centre will total approximately 190,000 m2.

Energy without carbon dioxide emissions

The building design incorporates energy conservation and strict standards for energy efficiency. The construction was initiated by setting BREEAM environmental objectives, with every detail designed to meet BREEAM targets.

It was decided that only renewable energy would be used in the completed logistics centre. Energy will also be recycled for heating by using condensate energy generated in the production of cold energy. Furthermore, a large geoenergy field has been built underneath the building.

Lifecycle economy decisive

The fifth construction stage of the logistics centre, the construction of its outer walls, started in September 2015. A total of 4,500 m2 of Ruukki panels were used for the facade. Before this, a total of 32,500 m2 of panels, corresponding to an area of about four football fields, were installed.

“This construction project is unique. Ruukki panels offer a significant material solution for it. The choice to use Ruukki panels was made not merely on the basis of cost. During the project planning stage, we wanted to emphasise economy during the entire lifecycle of the building,” says Risto Seppänen, Project Manager at TYL Freeway.

Professional installation team

The panels were installed by Ruukki’s authorised panel fitter, Oulun kuorirakenne (OKR), who also manufactured the mouldings.

“The installation was successful from both our and the customer’s perspective. We also stayed on schedule throughout the project. Ruukki panels were selected for the site because they met the customer’s set requirements and were the most cost-effective,” explains Jorma Kiljander, CEO of OKR.

The logistics centre built by TYL Freeway, a joint venture formed by Skanska and Lemminkäinen, will be ready for use in 2018.

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