Ruukki® emotion – New facade system adds dimensions to facades

Sep 25, 2015

Ruukki is expanding its product range in facades with the Ruukki® emotion system.

The system is composed of perforated cladding with support structure and integrated background lighting. Ruukki® emotion gives buildings architecturally versatile and diversified facades.

“Ruukki® emotion brings new dimensions into building facades. Its perforation adds a clear impression of depth to the facade. The wide range of perforation options makes it possible to design quite varied facades, ranging from complete perforation to freely designed artistic solutions. Combined with either normal white background lighting or programmable colour, Ruukki® emotion brings vibrancy and life to facades,” declares Pasi Turpeenniemi, product development director for Ruukki's facades.

In Ruukki® emotion the background lighting system is integrated with the cladding support system. Its energy-efficient LED lights generate both white and colour background lighting. Colour lighting can be programmed to alternate hues according to desired settings.

Ruukki® emotion is particularly well-suited as individualistic facade products for shopping centres, office buildings, retail outlets and stadiums. It can be used both for new buildings and in renovations.

Ruukki expanded its product range in facades in spring of 2014, by launching Ruukki Forma™ and Ruukki Expression™ on the market. Ruukki Forma™ allows the mounting of facade products from the Ruukki design portfolio on the surface of Ruukki panel systems. Perforated and illuminated Ruukki® emotion cladding goes well with Ruukki Forma™. Ruukki Expression™ on its part enables the mounting of graphic images to facade surfaces, opening limitless possibilities for customising a building’s appearance according to customer specifications.

Ruukki will launch Ruukki® emotion in its market area during the coming months.

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