Ruukki: expanding opportunities for Finnish companies in Russia

Dec 17, 2015

9-10, December 2015 Ruukki participated in Business Forum in Kaluga (Russia). The event was organized to attract Finnish companies to do business in Russia.

Main topics of discussion were the industrial and investment potential of the Kaluga region and business opportunities for Finnish companies in particular. The Forum was organized with governmental support from both Russia and Finland. Hannu Himanen, the Ambassador of Finland in Russia, and Anatoly Artamonov, the governor of Kaluga region, visited the opening ceremony of the Forum.

Ruukki was one of the Finnish companies that participated in the Forum and represented most experienced businesses actively, having developed on the local market for some years. Among the Finnish business representatives were also companies who wanted to investigate opportunities to expand their business to Russia. The advantageous location and favourable investment climate were admired by all Forum guests.

One of the most important parts of the Forum was the presentation of successful investment projects performed in the region, e.g. industrial parks. Several Finnish companies also shared their experiences from launching local manufacturing in the Kaluga region.

“Ruukki Russia's experience of industrial localisation in the Kaluga region is one of the most successful examples of the company’s investment projects in Russia. Our global strategy is to make significant investments into local business development. Our solution to allocate our production lines in the Kaluga region in 2006 was a very far-sighted decision. We are glad to be a witness of Kaluga’s growing economic success. In 2015 this region has been honoured to be known as the third Russian region in terms of volume of external investments. We are planning to strengthen our presence in the region,” said Oleg Zuenko, Head of Sales in Ruukki Russia.

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