Ruukki launches on-wall solar panels

May 12, 2015

Ruukki is expanding its range of products harnessing solar power with the addition of a new solar panel solution that can be installed on building’s facade.

The Ruukki® on-wall solar system converts sunlight into electricity for a building. The panel can be installed on both new buildings and renovated buildings.

Ruukki® on-wall solar panels are particularly suited to retail, industrial, warehouse and logistics buildings.

“Solar panels on the facade of a building are a clear sign of the environmental awareness of the company occupying the building. Solar panels generate some of the electricity required by the building. Companies can utilise the use of solar power with a clear conscience in their corporate image by, for example, calculating the amount of electricity provided by solar power compared to the annual electricity consumption of equipment,“ explains Pasi Turpeenniemi.

The solar panels are installed on the facade of a building using a fastening system developed by Ruukki. Ruukki’s delivery package also includes cables and PV inverters.

”Solar panels installed over the entire height of a wall can break up and punctuate long, sometimes dreary facades. Flashings can turn the end result into an impressive facade that stifles the criticism,” says architect Petteri Lautso of Ruukki.

An area of around 50 square metres can provide an output of 8 kWp. This package would require 30 collector units and cost about € 15,000.

Ruukki’s product range also includes Liberta Solar, a building-integrated photovoltaic system that also functions as the facade of a building.

The new panel is marketed as Ruukki® on-wall solar system.

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Growth potential of solar photovoltaic capacity

According to the baseline scenario, solar photovoltaics will account for around 4 % of the electricity demand across the EU in 2020. The potential market share of solar power varies from one country to another. A scenario forecasting strong growth estimates the use of solar photovoltaics will increase 15-fold in Sweden. In Poland, the growth potential is as much as 150-fold (Source: EPIA).

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