Ruukki improves Spider-V® system hall model

Jan 12, 2015

The Spider-V® prefab buildings save you up to 25 % of your construction costs.

Ruukki, a leading supplier of metal structures for the construction industry, announces the launch of its improved model of Spider-V® halls made of galvanized cold-formed profiles. The improved building has a longer span of 30 m and is higher, which enables optimisation of the building’s interior and allows buildings to be tailored to offer different levels of comfort. Besides, the building height has been significantly increased compared to the previous model. The new functional solution cuts building installation costs, which in its turn lowers overall project costs. This combined solution enables the construction of buildings of two or more storeys, with equivalent construction savings. Your total savings when using the new Spider-V® can be as high as 25 %. Engineering and design innovations make the new Spider-V® model more wear-resistant and energy-efficient.

The Spider-V® series with frames of up to 30 m consisting of C-shaped light-gage profiles is very easy to work with. The buildings may be installed quickly with no welding required, just like a meccano, elements bolted to each other. Sometimes installation requires no cranes at all. Wall and roof envelopes are made of profiled steel sheets, heat-insulated steel sheets (available in two options) or sandwich panels. The extensive range of the Spider-V® series includes a number of novelty design solutions. The structures have low metal content, which reduces the overall construction cost. This design allows you to optimise the interior space of your building, save energy and ensure compliance with health standards. These are the features that make the systems the most competitive solutions available on the Russian market.

In 2013, Spider-V® celebrated its 10th anniversary. Thousands of Spider-V® buildings have been built throughout Russia since the time the system was introduced in the country. The elements in the system are lightweight, which makes them easy to transport. This allows transportation of pre-fabricated buildings far beyond the Kaluga region where the Ruukki factory is located.

“Given the great interest of our customers in the Spider-V® series, our specialists devote much care and effort to improving the model. Fast implemented novelty engineering and design solutions are the internal standard of Ruukki. This approach allows us to always offer our customers the best product and to be way ahead of the competition,” says Oleg Zuenko, Director of Sales at Ruukki Russia LLC.

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